Welcome to the official Eco Farmers homepage

The increased need for high quality vegetarian food on the one hand and the and the increasing amount of scandals in the food industry on the other hand encouraged the consumers´ food self-sufficiency in the last years.
It is Eco Farmers´ aim to support this positive trend through a diversely applicable offer of pot, irrigation and lightning sets for highest quality useful plants cultivation. The Eco Farmer sets are useable both for indoor cultivation and the cultivation in allotments and greenhouses.

Our philosophy for our clients is to keep it as simple as possible. The idea is to achieve highest crops within a minimum amount of time and simultaneously accommodating sustainability. In order to achieve this Eco Farmers offers product sets for the cultivation of a variety of useful plants. Depending on the combination and configuration these sets can be adapted to the specific stages of cultivation, growth and blossom. In doing so, we rely on inorganic substrates like hydro correls and rock wool alternatively to organic mediums (why hydroponics?).

You will find the other advantages of the Eco Farmers product sets compared to conventional cultivations sets and the particular attention on the used materials in product specifications.

We invite and wish you a nice time to acquaint yourself with our products on this homepage as well as learning topics worth knowing about the environment, sustainability and self-sufficiency via home-grown cultivation.

If you have questions concerning an order or you need further information on the topic of cultivation, do not hesitate to contact us at info@eco-farmers.de