Simple handling and easy potting

After placing your sapling into a block of mineral wool (as illustrated to the left) you can start the easy potting procedure right away. Please be advised that this is just one of countless possible ways that Hydro Farmer can be set up in. We pride ourselves in staying true to our motto One Pot Fits All  and encourage you to explore the many culturing methods Hydro Farmer allows for, be it on organic or anorganic substrata – the choice is yours.
The following guide will take you through the procedure step by step while highlighting the advantages Hydro Farmer provides you with compared to conventional pots and watering sets.








Make yourself familiar with the characteristic features of Hydro Farmer. Notice the centered socket and the four mounts for the watering ring. These features will help you actually pot the plant and they serve as standard measurements (e.g. for the size of the mineral wool block).Machen Sie sich vorab mit den äußerlichen




Step one: fill the pot with clay pebbles or any other substatum until only the centered cross is left visible.





Proceed to place the mineral wool block on top of the substratum layer so it rests firmly between the four mounts for the watering ring. In this way the mineral wool block and your plant will have maximum stability.





Step three includes topping the block with another layer of substratum until the substratum reaches the sapling. Make sure to leave room near the four mounts for the watering ring.





Now rest the watering in place on its four mounts. There are holes in the watering ring facing towards the center, be careful to keep these free from substratum so water can flow freely.





The last step is putting the top cover on. The smaller section of the top cover should be used to gently center the plant against the bigger section. Don't worry, the top cover will give in as your plant grows allowing for it to expand.