Cultivation forms

Depending on personal needs and liking the you can use Hydro Farmer for different cultivation methods.





The Hydro Farmer is perfectly suited for the aeroponic cultivation of useful plants due to the solid and flexible lid and the irrigation ring. This is a substrate free method of implanting which especially stimulates the root growth and should be ideally used during the breeding phase.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Hydroponics is the modern cultivation form for useful plants. In comparison to conventional cultivation using potting soil, the use of inorganic substrates offers many advantages concerning pest infestation, irrigation and fertilizer use as well as the pH-value stability. If you like more information in general and on the advantages of a hydroponic cultivation please click here.




Hydro Farmer

The Hydro Farmer combines the advantages of the aeroponic and hydroponic cultivation method in one pot. After the plants successful propagation with the aeroponic method you can continue a hydroponic cultivation without repotting.

The Hydro Farmer combines a crop maximizing cultivation with simple handling and minimal effort.