System compatibility

The Hydro Farmer can be used either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with existing cultivation system solutions.

We offer the user the highest flexibility possible.


Low tide – high tide

The low tide and high tide is a specific form of hydroponics, an irrigation and cultivation system for useful plants with cyclical varying irrigation. Therefore it offers all the hydroponics´ advantages compared to conventional cultivation.
Due to its specific characteristics, the Hydro Farmer can be combined with almost every commercially available low tide – high tide system. It offers all the advantages of this fertile cultivation method.




Inorganic substrates

The Hydro Farmer pot and irrigation set is recommended for the hydroponic cultivation of useful plants. This already becomes visible through the specialized mounting for customary rock wool, which combined with hydro correls is the medium for your useful plants. You can find more advantages and further explanation of the cultivation method here.







Conventional soil

Naturally, the Hydro Farmer can be used for cultivation with conventional potting soil. The irrigation ring is of particular importance here, because the centered alignment directs the water exactly where it is needed. The reduced water consumption and the possible prevention of hyper-hydration can be excellently displayed with the Hydro Farmer.